Investment to YOYO HOLDINGS


May 2014, CyberAgent Ventures has participated Series A round of YOYO HOLDINGS  led by GREE Ventures with existing investor Incubate Fund, Singapore-based reward platform "Candy" that targets prepaid mobile phone users in Southeast Asia. They're currently providing their service in the Phillipines, Indonesia and Thailand.


YOYO was founded by ex-DeNA members. DeNA is one of the biggest social gaming platform in Japan. With knowledge and experience at previous job, CEO Fukada-san started YOYO to solve issues of "the next billion market". They believe more users in Southeast Asia should receive benefits from the Age of the Internet. It can help their life more profitable and comfortable by using their platform. This is the reason why they started this business.


Candy works simple. It allows users to get reward by completing missions via SMS. They get a free load for prepaid mobile phone after completion missions like market research surveys or something else.


We, CAV, will support YOYO's existing business's expansion in Southeast Asia area with our members in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. Add to that, we help their new business development in smartphone area with our global members in US, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Our members are always seeking businesses, "What kind of business will grow fast in smartphone area?". So, we can transfer the local knowledge to global ASAP.  That's our advantage.


With partnership with YOYO, we would like to build the biggest platform for Southeast Asia, so if you would like to join the fabulous YOYO team, please contact them directly.


Lastly and personally,  I believe YOYO will be as successful as Arnel Pineda, JOURNEY's vocalist, a local hero of the Phillipines. Via Youtube, he was fluttered in the world from the Philippines. I think it's not coincidence that YOYO chose this land to launch the product first. It's first step to global.


YOYO team, DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' your huge success!!