RISING EXPO 2014 Final Round

RISING EXPO, aiming Asia's largest and effective demo day for funding and alliance, was held on August 8th by CyberAgent Ventures. Approximately 300 people, startups, VC firms, operators, medias, supporters, gathered at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

We, CAV, had 15 finalists from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia. And also attendees from all over the Asia.

That was 3rd time of RISING EXPO. We started it only for Japan, at first and second time, to help Japanese startups to go global.

In 2014, we wanted to expand it to Asia region. So we held RISING EXPO's pre-event at Korea (with Qualcom) and at Indonesia as Southeast Asia. And supported China Bang as well. 

If you have any question, please let me know via contact.



  1. PurpleCow [Japan]
  2. iCARE [Japan]
  3. SpaceMarket [Japan]
  4. iCook [Taiwan]
  5. 必趣旅行 [China]
  6. PocketSupernova [Japan]
  7. Utagoe [Japan]
  8. Oriflamme [Japan]
  9. GLIDER associates [Japan]
  10. Toyro [Japan]
  11. Hachimenroppi [Japan]
  12. Kabuku [Japan]
  13. Tunedra [Korea]
  14. VIP Plaza [Indonesia]
  15. MatchMove [Singapore]



PurpleCow is providing cloud sourcing service ”Crevo” especially for operators which has a need to make CG and animation without shooting at low cost. They've networked global creators to do this. Some of the national clients are already using that service for their CM. 

CEO Kensuke Shibata





iCARE has a solution for business corporations to help easily grasp their employee's physical and mental health. Co-founder Mr.Yamada is a occupational health physician and MBA holder. They want to solve the problem within company and employee with their healthcare cloud system "Catchball". 


Co-CEO Yota Yamada and Takashi Isakari





SpaceMarket is AirBnB for business. They provide marketplace to match companies' needs for event space to unemployed capital like meeting room, baseball stadium, temple, amusement park and so on.


CEO Daisuke Shigematsu





iCook is providing recipe SNS in Taiwan. Users can share own recipes and find inspiration for new dishes from photos and movies.

They're now leading company in this area. 


Co-founder Fox Hsiao





必趣旅行(BEQU.com) is an vertical website and platform focusing on travel.  Users can find guiders, tourism administrations, travel partners and so on. As a platform, they also provide itinerary building tool and travel notes function.


Founder and CEO 何京京




6.Pocket Supernova

Pocket Supernova is providing video communication app "Unda". Unda is an innovative in regard to let users can mix videos, images, animations and motion stickers to create fun and unique video messages.


CEO & Co-Founder Oscar Noriega





Utagoe run Shunkan-Nikki (it means "moment diary"). It's like a private twitter. 

Users can easily post their diary in Shunkan-Nikki. They found out the needs to balance against communications on social medias.


CEO Tomoya Sonoda





Oriflamme was founded by talented people of Japanese gaming industry. Founders have come from both console game and social game, with track record like Final Fantasy and Blood Brothers. They're planning to launch new app "Chaos Centurions".





9.GLIDER associates

GLIDER associates is running a curation magazine "Antenna". Antenna curates information from over 280 medias. They provide that through PCs, smartphone and tablet device to over 3,500,000 users. 


COO Ken Machino




Toyro is founded to make a new platform for users, looking for life insurance. Their life planning service "INSNEXT" let users know the financial situation from analysis  and help to choose new insurance or amend the contract. 

CEO Kazuhisa Sase





Hachimenroppi means six arms and eight faces of such as Buddha statues originally. It means one person who can work and success as 6-8 persons. They've built solutions for wholesaler of fishes. They're aiming to become namely "Amazon for fish industry".


CEO Masaya Matsuda





Kabuku is providing "rinkak" which is a digital fabrication cloud platform such as 3D printing manufacturing. They have connected digital fabrication facilities in Japan, US and EU. Anyone can create, sell and ship products with only uploading 3D data. They also realized to collaborate with 3D printing and  Japanese traditional craft like Aizome: blue-dyeing finish.

*"rinkak" means shape of things in Japanese


CEO Masahiko Inada





Tundra is unique music app provider from Korea. Their app makes you become a good singers even if you have no special and talented skills. Their presentation, CEO  sang with app, has got much applause from audience, I think. 


CEO Founder TaeGoo Kang



14.VIP Plaza

VIP Plaza is the leading online discount retailer for fashion & lifestyle products, selling popular international & domestic brands up to 80 off in Indonesia.


Founder and CEO Tesong Kim





MatchMove is aiming to build platform for 500M+ uncarded smartphone users in emerging countries connecting daily to the internet. They plan to provide prepaid virtual branded cards for use just like regular credit cards for online shopping at any local or overseas merchant.


Founder and CEO Shailesh Naik